This is to inform you that the coins sold by Cryptex Worldwide Assets and other Cryptex subsidiaries globally are high value products and hence they are assets. You as a customer, vendor, partner and or a service provider acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer.

  • The Cryptex Physical Tokens are Crypto token based assets and are not a replacement to the government issued currency in any way.
  • Cryptex Worldwide Assets will bear no responsibility of any misuse of the coins. The high value crypto tokens are your property once bought from us and it is your responsibility to take care of your asset. No claims will be entertained once the coin is sold to you. Whatever your queries are there, including doubts shall be addressed to you by us before the coin is sold to you.
  • The details of the coin are your property and its your responsibility to safe guard the crypto code printed on coin. If the security seal is tampered, the coin will be deemed as invalid and no claims will be entertained, whatsoever.
  • Cryptex Antimatter is a registered trademark of Cryptex Worldwide Assets. Any misuse or unauthorized representation will be an offense and necessary legal action will be initiated if an unauthorized use is found.
  • Cryptex Antimatter Physical Tokens including physical minted prices are based on market demand and supply parameters and are dynamic in nature. You understand that the prices are not in our control and that no claims will be entertained.
  • The physical minted coins can be used by you for any purpose which can complete a meaningful transaction between two parties. The resale, exchange of cryptex issued coins is the sole responsibility of the customer. Hence the resale and exchange claims will not be entertained by Cryptex. No resale and exchange assistance will be provided by Cryptex.
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