About Us

My Real Bitcoin - The only original minted bitcoin provider in the world!

My Real Bitcoins or "MRB" is in Partnership with Cryptex Bank Inc. dealing in military grade cryptocurrency both in CryptexBlue (CXB) and Bitcoins (BTC). My Real Bitcoins is the only AOCS authorized provider of minted physical coins worldwide which are supported by originality certificates and cryptographic certificate of ownership. The MRB bitcoins come with cryptographic key combined with the Cryptex Bank Account number. My Real Bitcoin is a not for profit organization promoting de-centralized banking to its customers worldwide. Established in 2011, the minting business took over in 2013 and from then, we have been successfully working on with Cryptex Bank Inc. as their trusted and only minted coin provider. Located in Mountain View, CA, we are a company which believes in protecting peoples investments and we are proud to say that we are rightly doing that.